The Keystones Approach

Keystones is a unique and innovative approach pioneered by King’s, which aims to identify and develop each child’s individual talents and personal qualities. There are three Keystones: Academic Achievement, Unlocking Talent, and Personal Development.

Academic Achievement – going beyond expectations

We ensure pupils can study a broad range of subjects so that when it is time to specialise, their choices are based on experience. They are also free to choose the mix of courses they really enjoy (in addition to GCSE Maths and English) so their motivation to do well is high. Engaging lessons and small class sizes ensure they participate fully and receive plenty of individual attention.

Unlocking Talent – identifying and focusing on individual talent

Pupils are assessed at the end of each half term to ensure our monitoring is up-to-date and any extra support can be given sooner. We adjust our approach, reinforcing pupils’ basic skills when necessary and providing more enrichment opportunities for those who need more challenge. Help is given outside lessons too – including one-to-one sessions, revision classes and extra workshops.

Personal Development ­– supporting the whole child

King’s strong community of peers and teachers is always supportive – especially when work becomes more demanding. Pupils also gain confidence through our renowned pastoral system, which encourages them to take on more responsibility within the School community. A culture of active involvement enables pupils to discover their talents in areas they may not have considered. In addition, our broad extracurricular programme develops pupils’ talents as well as their ability to balance work inside and outside the classroom.