Extra Curricular

One of our school’s most appreciated qualities is the extensive range of activities we offer beyond the curriculum.

Developing potential is one of King’s most important missions. Our varied programme of academic enrichment is designed to extend students whose intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm show they would enjoy and benefit from additional tuition.

Younger pupils have the opportunity, in extra sessions, to explore such topics as architecture, law and palaeography. For older pupils we arrange special sessions within curriculum time covering subjects such as forensic archaeology, the science of pandemics and chaos theory or similarly mind-stretching topics.

In the Fifth and Sixth Forms, students are invited to after-school lectures given by staff or visiting speakers where medical ethics, epistemology or censorship are typical subjects. All students are then encouraged to take part in the lively discussions which follow.

Fully detailed in the term programmes, activities can often be highly interactive or take workshop form. Recent events have included a Women in Engineering Day and a Maths Olympiad Challenge.

We also offer a myriad of extra-curricular lunchtime clubs and, while every student is expected to attend at least one club a week, many attend more. The range is astonishing and includes: Mandarin, Introduction to Arabic, Tap Dancing, Cookery, Meditation, Java Programming, Knitting and Ultimate Frisbee.

From Friday Philosophers to Quidditch – students are certain to discover something to capture their interest and stimulate their imagination.