Academic Life

Academic study at King’s offers every student a broad curriculum, engaging lessons and personalised tuition from enthusiastic, dedicated staff.

King’s has always championed choice. We continue to maintain a wide curriculum – which includes foreign languages, the Classics and separately taught sciences – so that students can select subjects that appeal to them. As they progress in Senior School and focus on their exam options, their preferences shape the timetable.

Lessons and activities are designed to engage and encourage independent thinking. Small class sizes give our subject specialists plenty of opportunity to ensure all students can participate actively in class and build their confidence.

Every student has talents and strengths to be nurtured. Consequently, our teachers tailor their methods, providing more support or more challenge, depending on individual need – a core principle of our unique ‘Keystones’ approach.

Students also benefit from our Learning Skills programme in which specialist teachers can provide extra help to build confidence across all subject areas.

At King’s there is a long tradition of cross-curricular project work in which departments combine forces to give students a stimulating learning experience. Projects like these develop both their independent study and teamwork  abilities.

Our expectations are high. We track each student’s progress by personal observation and by regular assessment using nationally recognised testing schemes. We also measure our overall academic performance through the Value Added Formula devised at Durham University. This shows that, on average, King’s students achieve higher grades than students of comparable age and ability at other schools.

When students complete their academic education at King’s, they not only have excellent subject knowledge to ease their path into higher education or employment, they also have the tools, techniques and self-motivation that will prove invaluable wherever life takes them.