Reception class at King’s builds on the foundation laid down in Kindergarten; enabling children to gain confidence in their individual abilities, socialise easily with their classmates and, above all, enjoy the process of learning.

While Kindergarten focuses on learning through play, our Reception class provides still more opportunity for children to discover and investigate the world around them through an exciting and stimulating programme delivered by our Early Years staff supported by specialist subject teachers.

Again, our good pupil to teacher ratio, allows teachers to be highly flexible in their approach, supporting or stretching children according to their individual needs and level of confidence. We believe variety is essential to retaining  children’s attention and we use a mix of whole-class, small-group and individual teaching.

Located in the purpose-designed Little King’s Early Years Centre, Reception class pupils are close to the main Junior School facilities and are often taught by subject teachers from the Junior School. This makes their eventual move-up to the larger community feel entirely natural for them.

During the year, Reception children are involved in many activities. For example, in the Michaelmas (Autumn) term they take part in the Junior School Harvest Festival in St John's Church, which involves dressing up and singing. In December they are busy with the Nativity Play in the Cathedral - an unmissable event attended by parents, family and friends.

In the Little King’s Early Years Centre, as in the whole of King’s, our close partnership with parents is vital to our success in understanding each child’s individual needs. Consequently, we welcome the input of parents and guardians and are always open to their suggestions.