Pastoral Care

While the whole of a child’s time at school is formative, their experience in the Early Years is especially so because it can shape their attitudes – not only to learning and school, but to the wider world. Good pastoral care is vital to ensure they are well supported at this important stage.

Underpinning the many activities that we arrange for the children every day, is a carefully structured moral framework. Along with the joy of discovery, they learn how to value themselves and their classmates, and to be sensitive to the feelings of others. They also begin to understand how to be a proud individual as well as be part of a community.

Every child will develop emotionally and mentally at a different rate and, as many parents will know, this can be further magnified even when the age difference is just a few months. Our excellent teaching ratios mean that staff can detect any difficulties a child may have at an early point and then take the necessary time to resolve them.

Effective pastoral care is a team effort. Although most pastoral support is provided  to children by individual teachers and assistants as part of the normal school day, staff will share any longer-term concerns with colleagues and parents to ensure the child benefits from well-informed and consistent help both at school and at home.