Music and the Arts

In Kindergarten and Reception the children have two lessons a week with the Junior School Director of Music. Starting with nursery rhymes and simple counting and action songs, they move on to learn songs to sing in the Nativity Play, the Easter Bonnet Parade and the Summer Play.

We encourage the children to respond to music through movement and to experiment with rhythms and sounds. They also play percussion instruments and enjoy being introduced to rhythm, tempo, dynamics and pitch.

In the Early Years we often encourage children to initiate Art and Design activities themselves. We also teach by linking the subjects to engaging topics. Our aim is to develop children’s fine motor skills as well as their creativity.

They experience a wide range of media, including crayons, pastels, chalk, paint, collage, recycled materials and clay. While we demonstrate skills and techniques, our emphasis is on enabling self-expression; giving the children opportunities to explore colours, shapes and textures and to communicate their ideas through their creations.