Life as a Chorister:

Becoming a Chorister at King's enables a boy to experience a unique way of life and benefit from a wonderfully enriched musical education.

He will find himself in a central role in daily Cathedral worship and be privileged to sing in on of the county’s most beautiful buildings. He will gain in confidence and bearing as well as acquiring a level of musical knowledge and understanding that many adults would treasure.

The experience of daily rehearsals and performances, and the need for intense concentration and precision teamwork – all spanning a period of up to six years – will benefit him for life. Not surprisingly, many ex-Cathedral Choristers regard these years as their most formative.

A Chorister’s duties include performances during Holy Week, Easter, and the days after the Michaelmas Term ends up to and including Christmas Day.

Choristers take part in the famous Three Choirs Festival held annually in the summer when the location rotates between Gloucester, Hereford and Worcester. They may also contribute to special Diocesan and Civic services, radio and television performances, and weddings and funerals.

All Choristers are required to study at least one musical instrument. They also receive singing and music theory lessons funded by the Cathedral.

Despite these commitments, we make every effort to ensure that disruption to school is minimal and that Choristers can benefit from a full range of activities, including drama and sport. Close liaison between the School and the Cathedral is managed by the Chorister Tutor, who has a role both in King's and in the Cathedral.

Choristers receive a reduction in the School fees at King’s of 75% during their time in the Cathedral Choir, and 60% when they leave the Choir.

Most ex-choristers continue their education at King’s until the age of 18, and continue to thrive and be involved in the wider school community.

About the voice trials:

Talented boys aged 6-9 who enjoy singing are invited to audition to become choristers in the historic Cathedral Choir.

The Voice Trial is conducted by the Cathedral Director of Music. No special coaching or voice training is required or expected of those who attend a Voice Trial. The Cathedral Director of Music looks for boys who have an interest and ability in singing and a confident approach to challenges.

A prospective Chorister is asked to bring along one song that he enjoys singing, this can be a hymn, a carol or even a nursery rhyme. tests will also include those designed to measure the quality of the voice, the accuracy of the ear, the ability to pitch a note and the candidate's sense of rhythm.

 Reading aloud is also part of the test as a Chorister has to be able to read old and contemporary English with reasonable confidence.

For more information on how to apply, please contact our Admissions Office on 01452 337337 or email