Well Being Week 2018

King’s School holds pioneering Well-being Week for pupils

Young people's mental health is rarely out of the media at the moment and is an issue that the School takes very seriously. 

In a School ‘first’, King’s is holding an entire week dedicated to promoting the well-being of their pupils.  The children will be introduced to new ideas, sports and activities to aid their general mental health, build confidence and to help them manage overwhelming emotions.

The School’s renowned pastoral system plays an active part in every aspect of school life. In addition to the personal tutor system sources of help include the School Welfare Officer, who is always on-hand to advise on health or well-being issues, the School GP and the trained Well-Being Mentor. Pupils can also talk to one of the Peer Mentors – a specially trained Sixth Former who has the advantage of being closer in age to the young person seeking support. 

Mandy Phillips, Deputy Head responsible for Pastoral Care in the School said, “we are passionate about every child and young person being able to benefit from improved resilience, mental health and self-esteem. We appreciate how life can sometimes seem overwhelming and create feelings of anxiety and stress.

The idea of the well-being week is to encourage pupils to get involved in a wide range of activities – one of which may just be the lifeline they need when they are under pressure.”

The programme of activities before school and during break and lunch times includes:

Digital Detox Mindfulness Storytime
'Cooking up a Storm' 'Flower Power' Boot Camp Fitness
Dog Walking 'Tie yourself up in knots' Yoga Zumba
Drumming Workshop Sing-along-a-Greatest Showman Family Games
'Catch some zzzz's' Sleep Workshop 'Aim High' Climbing wall The Art of Conversation
'Dance yourself Dizzy' Green Fingers Sing-along-a-Moana



Promoting Positive Mental Health

Belinda Heaven led thought-provoking seminar on promoting positive mental health in children, providing plenty of suggestions for helping your child become more resilient, but that it's also OK to have a bad day.

After the seminar, many parents asked for further reading - please see below her attached book suggestions:

Promoting Positive Mental Health Reading List