Music & the Arts


Music is woven into the fabric of King’s. As the direct descendant of Gloucester’s original Choir School and the present-day provider of Cathedral Choristers, choral music is in the School DNA, and both boys and girls have the opportunity to join our renowned choral ensembles.

Music is highly valued both in its own right and as part of the all-round approach to education for which King’s is renowned. Language skills, reasoning, problem-solving, teamwork, creativity, self-discipline and commitment are just some of the qualities that a musical education develops.

Our youngest children are encouraged to sing in class and their experience of music continues to widen and deepen as they progress through Junior and Senior Schools. They learn to listen and appraise, compose and perform. During their time at King’s, around 50 per cent of pupils will learn to play at least one instrument, choosing from woodwind, brass, percussion and strings.

Music teaching is of the highest quality, dedicated facilities are excellent and opportunities for performance in front of an audience abound, with many events taking place in the wonderful environment of the Cathedral.

Drama and Dance

King’s reputation for drama and dance is equally strong. In common with music, they are valued as major art forms and also for their wider contribution to developing pupils’ memory, confidence, teamwork skills and many other attributes.

Pupils’ gain their first experience of performing in a school drama at around the age of three when they take part in the Nativity play. As they grow, opportunities to get involved in all kinds of productions gradually increase, and we often use drama as a way of illuminating and bringing to life other study topics.

Older children benefit from a comprehensive drama programme, taught by specialist teachers, which introduces them to a wide spectrum of classic and contemporary work. Standards are high and a number of our pupils have gone on to build their careers in the professional theatre.

Art and Design Technology

Our Art and Design Technology programmes enable pupils to explore and appreciate these creative arts while gaining as much practical experience of them as possible – the latter being greatly assisted by King’s small class sizes which allow teachers to give individual guidance.

In our art rooms and modern design workshops, we encourage innovation and adventure – giving pupils the opportunity to stretch their creative thinking and be challenging and inventive in their project work. They acquire a broad range of skills, including analysis and idea generation, craft and technical proficiency, and time and project management.

The excellence of our pupils’ creative output can be seen on display throughout the School and is regularly celebrated in the King’s Year Book. We are proud to be playing our part in developing the imaginative powers of all our pupils and in bringing on the next generation of artists and designers.