Academic Life

We have a simple yet effective approach to academic work at King’s: the more our pupils enjoy their studies, the better their performance.

High academic standards across all subjects are commonplace at King’s. A high proportion of our pupils achieve scholarships into our Senior School, in a range of different subjects. By the time they leave Junior School, they are well-equipped to handle the Senior curriculum.

Effective learning only happens when pupils are thoroughly engaged in their lessons. Our highly competent and inventive teachers know how to capture and retain children’s attention and involvement. With our small class sizes, they also have the time to stretch the talented and give extra support when needed.

Personal development starts early at King’s. Every pupil has a Keystones portfolio in which they keep a record of their achievements – whether these are academic, pastoral, co-curricular or outside of school. This helps children, teachers and parents to recognise talent and track progress towards individual goals.

We take full advantage of having Senior School expertise and facilities on site. For example, children with a talent for mathematics attend advanced classes given by specialist Senior School teachers. Our most advanced readers can use the Senior School Library and receive expert guidance from its librarians.